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This is not a drill…

It’s finally November 20th!! Yay!!I am so happy that my book is finally available!No one ever tells you as an author how absolutely nerve-racking publishing a book is.But now that it’s finally here, I’m just so happy and relieved. This post is going to serve as a reminder that I’m never doing a pre-order again. Haha, my nerves just can’t handle it. It’s like being excited the night before the first day of school for 60 days.I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you who follow my blog and my social mediaContinue reading “This is not a drill…”


I feel like time slips by, and I don’t even know where it goes. It’s October 20th already! Halloween is right around the corner! November 20th is coming soon!! If you haven’t checked out Through the Silent Forst preorder options on my website, please do! Being a first-time “real” published author is a lot harder than I expected. With the paper shortage and things out of wack, it’s thrown me for a little bit of a loop trying to navigate getting my book out there. So as readers, please keep in mind that books (any booksContinue reading “EEEK!!!”

Release Date

It’s the day you’ve all been patiently waiting for!Not the day my book comes out … yet. But the day you can start pre-ordering it!I’m so excited to announce my release date is set for November 20th, 2021.As of now, the shop page on my site is up and running. I encourage you to pre-order your physical book through me if you would like a signed copy of the book or any exclusive goodies such as bookmarks and stickers that are available only with the purchase of the book through my site.However, my books will alsoContinue reading “Release Date”

Always Books

Hi! So as always, I have been a very busy author, and yet I have no idea where my time goes.  This website is a love/hate relationship for me. Haha. I am not tech-savvy at all and have lots of assistance when it comes to creating the pages and content that goes on them.  I did add an art page that I will frequently be updating over the next few months as it gets closer to my book being released.  I will also soon be adding a shop page with direct links to purchasing books andContinue reading “Always Books”

Advanced Reader Copies

Hi Everyone! I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with you all. Through the Silent Forest is finally … almost done. Trust me, no one is more excited that my book will be going up for order soon than me.  As to when, unfortunately, that is still in the works. But please rest assured that when I know, everyone else will know too! But that’s nothing new.  What is new is that even though my book might not have a release date yet or be available to order online, an unfinalized edited version is nowContinue reading “Advanced Reader Copies”

Cover Reveal

It’s official! Through the Silent Forest now has a cover and the formatting process is well underway.Thank you all so much for sticking with me and continuing your support. It means the world to me. Keep an eye out for the next notification from me with the announcement for the release date.Until next time,Ashley

I swear I’m a writer and I don’t just hang out on the beach.

Hi Everyone, I feel like every month, or so my brain suddenly realizes that I haven’t done a post in a while. July has just flown by, and I can’t believe it’s already the first of August. While I’ve been incredibly productive, I have also taken a lot of personal time in July to rest, recuperate and get back to writing my works in progress. My book Though the Silent Forest, is slowly inching closer every day to its completion, which is both exciting and absolutely terrifying. The cover is just about complete, so I should beContinue reading “I swear I’m a writer and I don’t just hang out on the beach.”


I feel as if I’ve been saying Through the Silent Forest is coming… since forever, and it is. Slowly. I had several people on social media reach out to me lately and ask when, and I wish I had an answer. The answer to that… along with my book is, it’s coming soon. My editor did surprise me by getting the first round of edits done fairly quickly. Then, I agonized over approving and denying changes. Approving editing changes took me over a week to do.  Not even that there was much to change, fix or edit. ItContinue reading “Slowly….”

Time Never Stops

Hey, I have been M. I. A. lately on my website and social media. It has been a busy few weeks with moving and getting resettled, but I am happy to say everything went smoothly, and now it’s time for me to get back to it. Since the launch of The Gorgon and the Stranger, it has done very well, and the personal feedback I’ve gotten has been excellent and very kind. I hope you all got the chance to read it and enjoyed the story. I am pleased to announce, perhaps a little too late, thatContinue reading “Time Never Stops”

Short story The Gorgon and the Stranger available now!

Good news! It’s finally here… The Gorgon and the Stranger is currently being published. Due to publishing agreements, I’m not able to post the physical short story onto my site. However, down below in the book’s description will be a link that you can follow to get a digital download of my book. Links and distributors are being updated as of now, so if you do have any trouble on the websites shown, please contact me right away so that I can get that sorted for you. If you enjoy the short story or don’t, please feelContinue reading “Short story The Gorgon and the Stranger available now!”


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