Advanced Reader Copies

Hi Everyone!

I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with you all. Through the Silent Forest is finally … almost done.

Trust me, no one is more excited that my book will be going up for order soon than me. 

As to when, unfortunately, that is still in the works. But please rest assured that when I know, everyone else will know too!

But that’s nothing new. 

What is new is that even though my book might not have a release date yet or be available to order online, an unfinalized edited version is now available to you.

I am happy to announce that I am ready to give out Advance Reader Copies of my book (ARC’S). Since all of you were kind enough to join my blog, I’m hoping you like me enough to want to read my book. Hahaha.

If you are interested, click the link, read the description, and fill out the form please.


As soon as I receive the form in my inbox, I will contact you directly via email with the PDF file and any other important information.

I hope to hear back from you all. And thanks as always for following along.

Lots of love and thank you in advance,


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Ashley L. Castillo is a fantasy author with a passion for crafting unique worlds and fantastical adventures. As a lifelong fan of all things fantasy, Ashley loves to read books packed with mermaids, vampires, fairies and all kinds of mythical creatures. She hopes to entertain and inspire her readers by writing captivating novels with awe-inspiring settings and loveable characters. Ashley was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not writing or reading, she enjoys traveling with her husband Josh and their three pets Bailey, Thomas and Kitten.

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