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The problem with reading a good story is that you’re just going along, and suddenly you look up and realize you’ve lost track of time.

That’s been happening to me ever since I launched my website. I have no idea where my time seems to go or how I manage to lose track of it so quickly!

But I have been very productive, so I wanted to share some stuff that’s coming out soon and some FYI.

First off is a newsletter subscription that I’m working on getting up and running (hopefully this week).

I will be promoting a short story that will be available with that subscription that would take place before Through the Silent Forest, so that will be a nice way for everyone to get to meet a few characters and really see my writing style. So that short story will be coming soon, but not sure exactly when.

I do post on Vocal.Media but those works are tailored to the website and the challenges they do. That’s sort of a fun little side project for me to stretch my brain and reach into something beyond fairytales and magical creatures.

Also, if anyone reading these blogs is an artist, please reach out to me. I have been talking to a few about maybe having some sketches of my characters done so I can get some visuals up, and I’d love to see some art and promote an artist’s page on my website. 

And then my last bit of news is that I have is that I started receiving feedback from my beta readers, and so far, it’s been very positive, much more so than I was expecting. I loved hearing their comments on my chapters and on the overall book.

With reviews like this, it seems like my editing process will go fairly quickly since there aren’t many revisions or edits I need to make beforehand. So everything is going on schedule for now. 

As of right now, my tentative timeline to release Through the Silent Forest would be mid-summer. So here’s hoping that everything continues to work out, and I continue losing track of time keeping so busy interacting with all of you on social media!

Thanks as always for checking out my site and my blog!

Here’s to the readers and the dreamers, until next time!

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Ashley L. Castillo is a fantasy author with a passion for crafting unique worlds and fantastical adventures. As a lifelong fan of all things fantasy, Ashley loves to read books packed with mermaids, vampires, fairies and all kinds of mythical creatures. She hopes to entertain and inspire her readers by writing captivating novels with awe-inspiring settings and loveable characters. Ashley was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not writing or reading, she enjoys traveling with her husband Josh and their three pets Bailey, Thomas and Kitten.

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